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This crosswalk aligns relevant OLAC / OIP module materials to each standard and each standard element within the Ohio Principal Standards. Principals will be referenced to OLAC Modules that can support them through the process of the Ohio Principal Evaluation System. In addition, the tool features focusing questions that a superintendent/evaluator can use to guide constructive interactions with principals about needed support.

Standard Four (Learning): Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

The effective educational leader fosters an environment of effective and rigorous personalized instruction by ensuring each student has equitable access to teachers, leaders and learning supports.

ODE Essential Question for the Standard: Do I work to ensure all students are receiving a quality education that addresses needs and celebrates strengths?

OLAC Focusing Questions for Principals’ Self-Reflection: By Standard-

  1. Would I benefit from learning more about ways to ensure that each student in my school has access to effective curriculum, instruction, assessment, and learning supports? Resources include:

  2. Would I like to know more about how to conduct needs assessments and equity audits? Resources include:

  3. Would I like to know more about the assets-based approach to education? Resources include:

OLAC Focusing Questions for Principals’ Self-Reflection: By Indicator-

4.1: The effective educational leader supports staff in recognizing, respecting, and employing each student’s strengths, diversity and culture as assets of both teaching and learning for personalized instruction.

  1. Would my school teams benefit from becoming more proficient with specific strategies for encouraging students to use their prior knowledge, cultural assets, and other strengths as the foundation for new learning? Resources include:

  2. What additional knowledge and skills would help me and my staff implement an assets-based perspective that draws on student strengths, preferences, backgrounds, and prior experiences to enrich teaching and learning? Resources include:

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Consider using this to fulfill your individual professional development plan (IPDP) to be approved by your Regional Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC).

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