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New Ohio Personnel Guide to OIP


This guide is for newly employed Ohio educators and educators moving to new roles within Ohio’s education system. It provides a quick overview of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and related resources that are available through the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) website.

Getting Started

Welcome to your new role in an Ohio education institution: school, district, educational services center, state support team, department of education, college or university, or other organization. Participating in continuous improvement work will probably be part of your new role. In Ohio, continuous improvement is organized systemically via the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP).

What is the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)? The OIP is a framework for district-level educational improvement. It has two major features: (1) shared leadership through nested leadership teams and (2) a robust improvement cycle (i.e., the 5-Step Process). Two OLAC resources explain the OIP in greater detail:

What is OLAC? As the OLAC website explains, OLAC is a partnership between the Buckeye Association of School Administrators and the Ohio Department of Education. Its mission is to “provide educators with the structures and resources necessary to develop and support leadership at every level.” As its foundational guidance document, the Ohio Leadership Development Framework defines what shared leadership means for districts and their schools.