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Ohio's Leadership Development Framework

OLAC developed Ohio's Leadership Development Framework based on the concept of shared leadership. This framework promotes the use of collaborative structures-district leadership teams (DLTs), building leadership teams (BLTs), and teacher-based teams (TBTs)-to lead schools and share the responsibility for improving student achievement.

The framework identifies six essential leadership practice areas that outline what the Superintendent, DLT, BLT, and TBTs need to do in order to improve instructional practices and student performance:

Area 1: Data and the Decision-Making Process

Area 2: Focused Goal-Setting Process

Area 3: Instruction and the Learning Process

Area 4: Community Engagement Process

Area 5: Resource Management Process

Area 6: Governance Process

Support for Ohio's Leadership Development Framework

OLAC has created online learning modules to support implementation of Ohio's Leadership Development Framework across the state. OLAC's learning modules are any-time, any-pace learning opportunities available for free to Ohio educators. The modules include research and content from national experts, streaming video, Ohio exemplars of best practices, and more.

Download Ohio's Leadership Development Framework (PDF)
OLAC Essential Practices Reference Guide