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Facilitators Corner

Facilitated Workshops

Workshops for facilitating OLAC learning modules into courses

OLAC offers workshops not only designed for higher education faculty, but other audiences as well, including for Certified OLAC Facilitators. The following workshops were designed for use in teacher preparation programs as well as for other audiences wanting to take a deeper dive into some of the OLAC modules. Each varies in length and number of hours (face-to-face and independent work). For questions regarding these workshops, please contact Jim Gay at or Karel Oxley at

  1. Collaborative School Improvement Processes
  2. Working in Teacher-Based Teams
  3. Effective Board / Superintendent Governance (PDF)
  4. Implementing Effective Board / Superintendent Governance (PDF)
  5. The Teacher-Based Team Process (PDF)
  6. Implementing Teacher-Based Teams (PDF)
  7. Workshop based on TBT Module (PDF)
  8. The Instructional Process (PDF)

Google Classroom Workshops

OLAC is now offering workshops through Google Classroom. Learn more about how to use OLAC Google Classroom workshops here.

In order to gain access to the Google Classroom version of an OLAC workshop, fill out this short request form or contact OLAC Project Co-director, Jim Gay (