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Teacher 2.0

This update of the OLAC OTES crosswalk aligns to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System 2.0, and helps align on-going educator PD align to the 6 domains of practice by which teachers will be evaluated in the Teacher Performance Evaluation Rubric (p. 20-23, 29).

The Ohio Teacher Evaluation Standards are the same, and they align to these 6 domains of practice. The reorganization of the OLAC Crosswalk functions to show how the tools that principals and teachers already use to guide their professional learning to the standards line up directly with the measures that drive the Teacher Performance Evaluation Rubric. This version of the OTES Crosswalk features the same standards, elements, and resources, re-organized to line up with the 6 domains of practice. It features updates, highlights, and additions as needed to make the OLAC OTES Crosswalk tightly coupled to the evaluation measures of OTES 2.0. Both principals and teachers can make use of the updated crosswalk to target professional learning where it is needed based on self-assessments as well as formal evaluations.