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This crosswalk aligns relevant OLAC / OIP materials to each standard and each standard element within the Ohio Principal Standards. Principals will be referenced to OLAC Modules and external sources that can support them through the process of the Ohio Principal Evaluation System 2.0. In addition, the tool features focusing questions to guide interactions between principals and coaches or central office administrators.

Standard Nine (Management): Strategic Staffing

The effective educational leader is integral to the recruitment, hiring and assignment of staff to ensure representation of diverse expertise and skill sets are aligned to the priorities of the focused plan while also promoting staff professional growth, cultural competence and opportunities for leadership.

ODEW Essential Question for the Standard: Have I demonstrated an understanding of staff capacity to effectively utilize all available personnel to support student learning?

OLAC Focusing Questions for Principals’ Self-Reflection: By Standard-

  1. Would I like to know more strategic staffing (i.e. hiring, assignment, and retention) methods to align professionals’ skills and outlooks to a school’s vision, mission, and core values? Resources include:

  2. Would I benefit from learning how to deploy staff expertise to improve teaching and learning and close opportunity and achievement gaps? Resources include:

OLAC Focusing Questions for Principals’ Self-Reflection: By Indicator-

9.4: The effective educational leader provides opportunities for staff to assume leadership roles within the school.

  1. Would I like to learn more about strategies for building the leadership skills of teachers and other educators as a way to expand overall school leadership capacity?

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Consider using this to fulfill your individual professional development plan (IPDP) to be approved by your Regional Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC).

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