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Cornerstone Connections

A Winning Partnership: SST Region 14 and Area ESCs Work Together to Support Educator and Student Success

State Support Team (SST) region 14 serves 18 school districts, other educational agencies, and families in the rural five-county region of Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette, and Highland counties. One of 16 SSTs in Ohio, SST 14 strives to provide the highest quality educational services and resources with the goal of helping all students to succeed in school and in the community.

Embedded in the SST services agreement is the state's expectation that SSTs work collaboratively with area ESCs to meet the needs of the districts they serve. In region 14, longstanding relationships among the SST, Southern Ohio ESC and Brown County ESC, and area school districts facilitate the development and implementation of partnership efforts based on shared work.

"Collaboration is not a difficult issue in our region. In areas where there is conflict or where someone’s definition of collaboration is that everyone else makes them look good, the state can prescribe or try to force collaboration. However, quality collaboration comes down to how much people are willing to work together and trust each other," explained SST Region 14 Director Jeff Royalty.

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