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Cornerstone Connections

Part II: Educators in Southern/Southeastern Ohio Join Forces to Address Critical State Shortages

In Part II of the series highlighting information about a grant designed to develop sensory impairment course content to increase the competence of teachers, this Facilitator's Hub post dives deeper into to work between Shawnee State University (SSU) and the University of Rio Grande (URG), and educators from Ohio's southern and southeastern regions.

Part I of the series described the critical shortages being addressed by the group, touched on evidence in support of identified needs, and outlined how the work of the group has been facilitated by SSU and URG through a consortium effort called Broadening Horizons. Part II addresses details around the substance of the group's work and how it can be used by school districts, institutions of higher education, and the state to provide instruction to students with varying degrees of sensory impairment.

Read more about this work here.