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Cornerstone Connections

Focusing Core Work While Managing Competing External Demands: How SST Region 1 Supports Districts in Planning For Sustainable Improvement

Districts served by State Support Team (SST) Region 1, like districts in other parts of the state, face what may be perceived as overwhelming demands in response to changing federal and state requirements, as well as demands from local stakeholders and community members. Helping districts critically review their initiatives, which are often reflected in multiple and sometimes competing plans, is a primary role of Ohio's SSTs.

"Districts may have a strategic plan, a behavior plan, a reading plan - plan after plan after plan," explained SST 1 Director Lynn McKahan.

"We realized we weren't getting buy-in on using a continuous improvement model when everyone was so focused on checking off items on their individual to-do lists. It was going to be critical for us to help everyone see that, as part of district continuous improvement planning, they could address behavior and learning needs in an integrated, rather than siloed, way. Instead of worrying about the completion of multiple plans, we needed to help them develop a unified focus around the work that would matter to improving results for all children."

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