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Cornerstone Connections

Improving Instructional Capacity Through A Focus On Early Literacy: SST Region 5 Supports Niles City Schools' Use of LETRS in Concert with the OIP

This month's OLAC Facilitator's Hub shares how SST 5 is piloting a professional development approach to strengthening literacy with Niles City Schools.

Niles City Schools was chosen to be part of the pilot for a variety of reasons. "We wanted to make sure the district we selected for participation in the pilot would support teachers and principals in implementing what they learned through PD and also make this learning a part of their ongoing practice," explained Michele DiMuzio, SST Region 5 Director.

Through this pilot, SST 5 and Niles are leveraging the district's ongoing use of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) to focus on literacy concepts and instructional practices that promote literacy in all grades. Read more about this work here.