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Connecting Universal Design for Learning & OTES 2.0

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) has many connections to high-quality, accomplished teaching. UDL promotes opportunities for ALL students to be expert learners by providing multiple options to meet their individual needs and empowering them to own their learning.

How UDL & OTES Connect

The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES 2.0) and UDL are educational frameworks. While OTES 2.0 focuses on teacher evaluation, UDL is an approach to curriculum design that aims to provide all students with equal access to learning.

Join us on June 1 from 9-11 a.m. as we walk you through the accomplished category and highlight the UDL connections in each component of OTES.

Whether you are a teacher or an administrator, you will learn how UDL boosts the chances of receiving or awarding an accomplished rating. Attendee learning objectives, include:

  • Unpacking the OTES 2.0 rubric
  • Navigating UDL guidelines
  • Making connections between UDL and OTES 2.0 guidelines

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