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Year End Wrap-up, Preview for 2022

That's a Wrap: 2021 OLAC & PBIS Showcase

On December 9, 2021 more than 1,500 Ohio education leaders joined us virtually for the 2021 OLAC & PBIS Showcase. The Showcase combined the best of the OLAC Action Forum and the Ohio PBIS Showcase and featured keynote sessions from Dr. Douglas Reeves and Anthony Coy-Gonzalez, along with 20 practitioner-led learning sessions.

All courses, including keynotes, will be available on-demand to those who registered through January 21, 2022 at 10 a.m. After January 21, all participation and attendance information will be collected and personalized certificates of completion will be emailed to participants within 30 days.

New Resources to Support Ohio Educators

As we wind down the first half of the 2021-2022 school year, we are excited to share several new resources. Remember, all resources are free and you can earn credit.

NEW: Early Childhood and Education Module

This module bridges the division in its treatment of early care and education leadership. In particular, it takes the view that elementary principals—who in Ohio need to have no experience or training in ECE or childcare—have something to learn from those outside the school system who care for children from birth to age 3 or 4. And, it also recognizes that school principals can help promote the position that society needs to direct much more attention and resources to the care of young children and their families. Explore module.

NEW: Leading Edge Podcast Episode

In the podcast, Michele Moore, Director of Ohio’s State Support Team Region 5 in Northeast Ohio, shares insights regarding the model of leadership used by educators in Ohio and how this model relates to issues of equity. The model has four components: promoting system-wide learning, prioritizing teaching and learning, building capacity through support and accountability, and sustaining an open and collaborative culture. Michele also explains the four parts of the leadership model and how they are evaluated through the OLAC’s Systemic Improvement Practices Review (SIPR). Listen now.

UPDATED: Shared Accountability Module: The Why, Who, How, and What of Teams Module

Check out this recently updated module that explores shared accountability, with a particular focus on internal accountability. Together with shared (or distributed) leadership, shared accountability supports continuous improvement of instruction and student learning. Hear Dr. Doug Reeves share three important components of shared accountability—distributed leadership, reciprocal accountability, and providing time and protocols for professional conversations. This module also includes links to relevant research, practical tools, and discussion questions and activities that teams can use to apply insights about shared accountability to their own circumstances. Explore module.

Coming in 2022

For the second half of the 2021-2022 school year, the OLAC team will continue to offer its professional learning series, a series of free professional learning sessions designed to provide educators with the structures and resources necessary to develop and support effective leadership at every level. Explore OLAC’s latest online learning tools, including modules, webinars, videos, podcast episodes, and more to support educators as they work to embed essential leadership practices at every level of a school system. Sessions begin January 14.

The team is also working on several new podcast episodes, Cornerstone Connection articles, and more. Watch for announcements on the release of these resources.