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News and Events

2021 Showcase Presentations

Keynote 1: Dr. Douglas Reeves, Fearless Schools: Building Trust and Resilience for Learning, Teaching, and Leading

1.1: PBIS Course: Tier One PBIS Implementation from the Ground UP

1.2: PBIS Course: Using the District Systems Fidelity Inventory (DSFI) to Guide Action Planning

1.3: PBIS Course: Walk this Way: PBIS in Columbus City Schools

1.5: OLAC Course: One Need, One Plan, One Team

1.6: OLAC Course: Connecting Assessment Capable Learning to ALL Learning Environments

1.7: OLAC Course: Responsive, Reimagined, and Resilient in Leading Your School Improvement Efforts

2.1: PBIS Course: Celebrating 5 Years: Lessons Learned from Early Childhood PBIS Demonstration Sites

2.2: PBIS Course: Building a Sustainable Tier Two Team

2.3: PBIS Course: Using PBIS Assessments and the Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide to create a PBIS Action Plan

2.4: OLAC Course: 3C's: Change, Coaching, & Closing

2.5: OLAC Course: How the 4-Line Email Has Provided Clarity for Teacher-based Teams (TBTs)

2.6: OLAC Course: How the Universal Design Instructional Framework is ESSENTIAL for Some Learners and Benefits ALL Learners

Keynote 2: Anthony Coy-Gonzalez, Reimagining Education for All: Anything is Possible

3.1: PBIS Course: Successful SWIS Implementation

3.2: PBIS Course: Reaching for Silver: A Small School's Journey Toward Tier Two

3.3: PBIS Course: Engaging the Community in SEL and PBIS

3.4: OLAC Course: There to Here: Our Journey To Continuous Improvement

3.5: OLAC Course: Increasing Collective Capacity Using OLAC's Gifted Professional Development Series

3.6: OLAC Course: Using a National Network of Partnership Schools Grant to Increase Family/Community Engagement