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Facilitators' Guidebook: Using OLAC Tools and Resources



The OLAC Video Library includes nearly 80 videos featuring national experts from the field of education as well as administrators, educators, facilitators, and students from Ohio schools. OLAC’s videos address a variety of topics, including the roles and practices of OIP teams, assessment, use of data, instructional best practices, coaching, equity, diversity, leadership, and curriculum.

How to Use

OLAC videos are available through the OLAC website. Facilitators can use several methods to find videos appropriate to their needs.

  1. On the Video Library page, click on the video titles listed. This leads to the video launch page where there's a summary of video content and an indication of the module, if any, in which the video is embedded.

  2. Users registered on the OLAC website can open the OLAC module that addresses the desired topic, (e.g., Coaching). From the module’s landing page click “Enter Module” to view the Introduction page. In the left-hand column, under Resources, click on “Videos” to display a list of the videos contained in the module and their links.

Some ways to use OLAC videos:

Videos can be viewed individually or among the members of a group, before, during or after a PD session. Depending on the topic, the facilitator might encourage PD participants to view and compare the content of several videos. Videos are especially helpful when the facilitator wants to: introduce a topic, or to sum up work on a topic;

  • provide depth about a topic or illustrate it in context;
  • present a demonstration of a skill or concept; or
  • stimulate discussion.

Examples: Video from OLAC Assessment module, “Using Assessment to Guide Instruction”. In this video a high school teacher describes her use of formative assessment to determine students’ understanding of content, guide planning and delivery of instruction, and engage all learners.

  • Provide session participants with an advance organizer or list of questions keyed to the video that includes questions such as, “What are the assessment practices described by the teacher?”
  • After viewing the video, discuss the practices used by the teacher in the video; compare them to classroom practices in participants’ schools. Discuss strengths and challenges of implementing similar practices.

Video from the OLAC modules Instruction and The Collaborative Process, “The Georgetown Elementary Second Grade Team Discusses Collaboration”. This video features members of a second grade TBT discussing how they work together to plan and deliver instruction.

  • View the video with new TBTs whose members are learning about ways to collaborate effectively or with established teams looking to improve.
  • Ask TBT members to compare and contrast the practices used by the team in the video with the practices currently in place in their own TBTs. Discuss strategies they might use to improve collaboration in their TBTs.