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Facilitators' Guidebook: Using OLAC Tools and Resources

Success Stories


Success stories illustrate how districts, schools, and teams have been able to make meaningful improvements. The stories can inform, inspire, and provide context for educators who themselves are involved in the work of improving instructional outcomes for all learners. Real Leaders, Real Results is a collection of first-hand reports about how educators in Ohio have used the OLAC resources to support district and school improvement processes. Cornerstone Connections contains articles that describe specific improvement strategies and their implementation and use in schools and districts across Ohio.

How to Use

Real Leaders, Real Results and Cornerstone Connections are available on the OLAC website.

  1. Real Leaders, Real Results can be accessed from the OLAC website home page, on the “Educator Resources” dropdown menu. The reports can be viewed online or downloaded.

  2. Cornerstone Connections can also be accessed from the OLAC website home page, on the “Educator Resources” dropdown menu.

Some ways to use Real Leaders, Real Results:

These short video and text reports provide information about specific OLAC resources that have been helpful in school districts across the state. Facilitators can select reports that are applicable for the districts or teams with which they work. The reports are particularly useful when the facilitator wants to:

  • familiarize district leaders, educators, and consultants with tools and resources available through OLAC; and

  • present first-hand accounts of how OLAC resources have helped schools and districts implement, evaluate, and strengthen their improvement initiatives using the OIP.

Examples: The short article, “Creating a Culture of Growth and Learning (East Palestine City School District)” illustrates the important role OLAC resources have played in creating a school environment that provides learning experiences that are engaging and meaningful for students and staff.

  • Session participants read the “OLAC Impact” section on page 2 to learn the principal’s view of how OLAC tools and resources benefitted his school and staff. Then participants visit the OLAC website and find one tool or resource that could improve planning for their school’s BLTs or TBTs.

  • Principals at an administrators’ meeting review the brief “My Favorite OLAC Tools” section of the short article and then collaboratively create a list of their favorite OLAC tools.