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Building Leadership Team Assessment Tool

The Why of the OLAC BLT Assessment

Through BLTs, schools that support high-level learning among all students do so, in part, by establishing and sustaining inclusive instructional leadership practices that mobilize educators and other stakeholders on behalf of equity and instructional improvement. They find productive ways to use practices that simultaneously promote excellence and equity.

But what are these practices? How can educational leaders determine the extent to which the school is already using these practices? And following efforts to increase or develop those practices, how can BLTs determine whether improvements have been made?

One way to answer these questions would be to use the OLAC BLT Assessment.

A practice profile for all three sets of strategies can be found in the BLT Discussion Guide.

Section-based Guides:

What is the Purpose of This Tool?

The OLAC BLT Assessment provides a quick, online way to measure a BLT’s progress toward providing inclusive, instructional leadership. Because it’s short and easy to complete, schools can use it yearly to gauge their progress.

The assessment measures three sets of practices, including establishing and maintaining a culture of:

  1. Continuous improvement,
  2. Shared leadership, and
  3. Inclusiveness.

How to Get Started

To complete the Building Leadership Team (BLT) Assessment Tool, you will initiate and manage the process through the Teams section of the OLAC website. If you have not already set up a team for your building, you will follow these simple steps:

  • Create a team for your building.
  • Invite members to join the team. They will receive an email invitation.
  • Create a BLT assessment and assign it to your team members.

You can check on the progress of team members in the Teams section and send reminders, if needed, to members who have not yet completed the assessment. When all team members have completed the assessment, it will automatically close, and results become available.

What if I Already Have a Team?

If you have already conducted a BLT assessment in the past, you can use that same team for a new assessment and add new members or remove members as needed.

If you have already set up an entirely different team for another assessment, such as the Systemic Improvement Practices Review (SIPR) , you can set up a new team for this assessment. You can access all your teams in the “Your Teams” dashboard.