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New Ohio Personnel Guide to OIP

Using OLAC Materials to Create Professional Learning Opportunities for Others

School leaders, higher education faculty members, regional consultants, and other facilitators may want to use OLAC resources in their design and delivery of professional learning opportunities. Two OLAC resources provide detailed discussions of various ways to incorporate OLAC resources into courses, workshops, presentations, and other learning events: The Higher Education module and the Facilitators Guidebook.

Useful Pathways

Educators’ needs and preferences are the best guide to exploring OLAC resources. Pathways for this exploration will differ by role, needs, and preferences. To illustrate some options, however, this guide provides three infographics delineating exploration pathways: Navigating the OIP, The Instructional Core, and Diversity and Inclusion. Full-size infographics are downloadable using the links below each image.

OIP-resource-navigating-the-oip.jpg Navigating the OIP OIP-resource-instructional-core.jpg The Instructional Core OIP-resource-diversity-inclusion.jpg Diversity and Inclusion