Earn Credit

Welcome to the OLAC Credit Corner!

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council offers educators credit and contact hours for OLAC work. In addition, OLAC has workshops available for a variety of different audiences. The credit corner has information on both the workshops as well as credit and contact hours.

Workshops for facilitating OLAC learning modules into courses

OLAC offers workshops not only designed for higher education faculty, but other audiences as well, including for Certified OLAC Facilitators. The following workshops were designed for use in teacher preparation programs as well as for other audiences wanting to take a deeper dive into some of the OLAC modules. Each varies in length and number of hours (face-to-face and independent work). For questions regarding these workshops, please contact Jim Gay at jimgay@basa-ohio.org or Karel Oxley at Oxley@basa-ohio.org.

  1. Collaborative School Improvement Processes
  2. Working in Teacher-Based Teams
  3. Differentiating Instruction
  4. Effective Board / Superintendent Governance (PDF)
  5. Implementing Effective Board / Superintendent Governance (PDF)
  6. The Teacher-Based Team Process (PDF)
  7. Implementing Teacher-Based Teams (PDF)
  8. Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners (PDF)
  9. Workshop based on TBT Module (PDF)
  10. The Instructional Process (PDF)
  11. Learning Supports (PDF)

For educators seeking credit or contact hours for OLAC work:

Teachers, principals, and superintendents who are working toward license renewal can now receive university credit for completing OLAC modules. Below are a list of schools that are currently participating. Please note: Pre-approval is required. Follow the links below to learn more register.

  1. Bowling Green State University
  2. Ashland University

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Approval Form

OLAC has partnered with the Ohio Department of Education to create a template that can help you integrate the OLAC modules into your individual professional development plan (IPDP) to be approved by your Regional Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). Use this template to indicate how you will use the OLAC online learning modules and tools to participate in high-quality professional development and meet your professional development goals.

OLAC recommends the following to Local Professional Development Committees (LPDC's) for consideration in granting contact hours for OLAC Modules. Although there are some variations in the amount of content in each module, and the necessary time to complete each module, discussion question, and activity OLAC proposes awarding a common set of contact hours for the following:

For additional contact hours:

  • ONE (1) contact hour for completing and submitting evidence of completion for each discussion question
  • ONE (1) contact hour for completing and submitting evidence of completion for each activity

Credit may also be granted for webinar completion. Participants may receive ONE (1) hour of credit through their LPDC by viewing a webinar and downloading a certificate of completion. The certificate of completion requires that the user complete a discussion question, which becomes a part of the certificate of completion. Use the IPDP Approval Form listed below to request credit approval.

OLAC recognizes the right of LPDC's to determine acceptable Professional Development and award contact hours according to their respective policy. This recommendation is intended for their consideration.

Download the IPDP Approval Form (DOCX)