Resources from Past Events

On December 12, 2018 nearly 700 Ohio education leaders gathered for the 2018 OLAC Action Forum in Columbus to learn, network, and collaborate around the use and impact of the OLAC tools and resources to strengthen leadership practices.

The Forum, which was held in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA), featured four general sessions and 11 learning sessions from Ohio superintendents, principals, teachers, and others. Information about the keynote and presentations are available below. Additional handouts and resources can be downloaded from the event's mobile app, Guidebook.

General Session Speakers

Dr. John Richard: OLAC Working Together for Ohio’s Students Handout

Dr. Brandon Doubek: More Moving Teams Forward with Data, Part I Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3

Dr. Brandon Doubek: More Moving Teams Forward with Data, Part II Handout

Carolyn Everidge-Frey: Why Revised Standards for Principals? Handout

Dr. Brian McNulty: How Do Schools Get Better, Part I Handout 1 | Handout 2

Dr. Brian McNulty: How Do Schools Get Better, Part II Handout

District-based Learning Sessions

Alliance City Schools: The 4 C's of School Improvement: Core, Culture, Collaboration, and Coaching Presenting District Coming Soon

Bowling Green City Schools: Equity in the Classroom by Making Student Thinking Visible Handout

ESC of Northeast Ohio and Strongsville City Schools: Teacher-Based Team Coaches: Building Collective Capacity and Collaboration Handout | Handout

Graham Local Schools: Building and Sustaining Systems through Implementation Drivers Handout 1 | Handout 2

Mansfield City Schools: The Power of Teaching the Whole Child: An Urban Student Growth Story Handout

Maysville Local School District: Co-Teaching: From Vision to Reality Handout

Niles City School District: Achieving More Effective Teacher-Based Teams and Building Leadership Teams Handout

Riverside Local Schools: Vertical 3rd-6th ELA Teacher-based Team: Superheroes of Intervention Coming soon

Toledo Public Schools: Going from an "F" to a "B" using OIP and Mastery Process Handout

Dr. Cathy Lassiter: Courageous Leaders: Empowering and Inspiring Action for All | Handout

Dr. Brian McNulty: Districts, the District Leadership Team (DLT), and School Improvement | Handout

Learning Sessions

Dr. Cathy Lassiter: Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Student Learning | Handout

Dr. Brian McNulty: New Learnings About Effective Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs) | Handout

Alliance City Schools: We Rock the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) | Handout

Bellefontaine City Schools: Create Teacher Empowerment with a Practice Profile | Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3

Bowling Green City Schools: Equity: The Necessary Journey | Handout

Bucyrus City Schools: Mission Possible: Vision to Action | Handout

Fremont City Schools: Working Together To Empower and Inspire All Students to Achieve | Handout

Georgetown Exempted Village School District: The Power of Culture | Handout

Ironton City Schools: Empowering the Learner with Student-Based Teams | Handout 1 | Handout 2

Stark Education Partnership & State Support Team 9: All In: A Journey Toward Ensuring Success for ALL Students

Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4 | Handout 5 | Handout 6 | Handout 7 | Handout 8

Toledo Public Schools: Using All Stakeholders in the OIP Process to Effectively Change a School Culture | Handout

General Session: Supporting Leadership & Improvement Under ESSA 
Ohio Department of Education
Download presentation (PDF)

Schoolwide Progress: Growing All Leaders
Massillon City Schools 
Download presentation (PDF)

Let’s Focus
Belpre City Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

A Tale of Two Principals
Winton Woods City Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

Leading Your Teacher-Based Teams
Lancaster City Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

OIP: Strategies to Create a Culture of Collaboration and Accountability for Your PLC
Marion City Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

Teacher-Based Teams: Moving From Compliance to Collaboration to Cohesiveness
Columbus City Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

Creating a Culture for School Improvement
East Palestine Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

Connecting All of the Dots to the Instruction Framework
Trotwood Madison Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

Systemic Change with Standards-Based Instruction and Grading
Canton City Schools
Download presentation (PDF)

Repurposing Your Instruction the UDL Way to Make Your Class a 10
Campbell Memorial High School
Download presentation (PDF)

Writing Across the Curriculum and the Ohio Improvement Process
United Local School District
Download presentation (PDF)

2015 Action Forum Resources

Keynote: Accountability as Inquiry
Dr. Brian McNulty, Creative Leadership Solutions
Download the keynote materials (PDF)

School Leadership for Social Equity
Massillon City Schools
Download the session materials (PDF)

Using Google Sheets to Manage TBTs and Remain Strategy Focused
Graham Elementary School, Graham Local Schools
Download the session materials (PDF)

Driven by Standards, Fueled by Vertical Design
Liberty Arts Magnet, Lima City Schools
Download the session materials (PDF)

The Three C’s for Successful TBTs: Collaboration, Collective Inquiry, and Coaching
Surrarrer Elementary School, Strongsville City Schools
Download the session materials (PDF)

Scheduling: Staff Meetings During School? No Way!
Ironton City Schools
Download the session materials (PDF)

Our Journey Towards Implementing Standards-Based Instruction
Canton City Schools
Download the session materials (PDF)

From "They" to "We": An OIP Journey
Bucyrus City Schools

2014 Action Forum Resources

The theme of the 2014 Action Forum was "Going Deeper with Teacher-Based Teams" and keynote and some presenter materials are downloadable below. You may also be interested in some of OLAC's free webinars featuring the Action Forum's keynote speaker, Dr. Brian McNulty. Access the webinars

Keynote: Creating Learning Cultures
Dr. Brian McNulty, The Leadership and Learning Center
Download the keynote handout (PDF)

Presentation: How Teams Can Develop Inquiry and Learning Cultures Within an Accountability and Evaluation System
Dr. Brian McNulty, The Leadership and Learning Center
Download session materials (PDF)

Presentation: Closing the Achievement Gap by Design
Fairless Local Schools and Jackson Local Schools
Download session materials (PDF)

Presentation: Leaders Make it Happen
Benjamin Logan Local Schools
Download session materials (PDF)

Presentation: Grade Level TBTs in a Small School
Green Local Schools
Download session materials (PDF)

Presentation: A Guaranteed Curriculum Through Effective TBTs
Columbus City Schools
Download session materials (ZIP)

Presentation: TBTs to Infinity and Beyond - How We Have Grown and Evolved with Our Process
Euclid City Schools
Download session materials (ZIP)

2013 Action Forum Resources

Presentations focused on: Managing Change Through Collaborative Teams.

Learning Teams - The Next Challenge
Presenter: Dr. Brian McNulty, The Leadership and Learning Center
Improving the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) (PDF)

BLT and TBT Integration: Mount Vernon High School's Journey In OIP
Presenters: Mount Vernon High School Teacher-Based Team
BLT and TBT Integration with CFA (PDF)

TBTS: Taking The Meeting To The Classroom
Presenters: Green Elementary Team - Jodi Armstrong, Elementary Principal; Rhonda Sprouse, Grade 1 Teacher; Maryellen Meden, Intervention Specialist; Rebecca Biever, RtI Teacher; Jessica McIlhenny, Guidance Counselor
TBTs - From the Meeting to the Classroom (PDF)

The TBT Five-Step Process In Action
Presenters: Wooster City Schools Grade 2 Teacher Team - Karen Arbogast, Director of Elementary Education; Suzi Parker, Grade 2 Teacher; Julie Beckett, Grade 2 Teacher; Kayli Egli, Grade 2 Teacher; Rose Reed, Title I Reading Teacher; Kate Kandel, Kean Elementary Principal; and Jessica Klaus, School Psychologist
Resource 21C: TBT 5-Step Process Meeting Agenda and Minutes Template (PDF)
QR Code: 2nd Grade TBT 5 Step Process (PDF)

Moving Students Forward Through Effective TBT Planning And Data-Driven Instruction
Presenters: Ripley Union Lewis Huntington High School Social Studies Team – Douglas Bowery; Matthew Folkerth; Kelly Bierley; and Jacqueline Schussler
Moving Students Forward

2012 Action Forum

Presentation materials and handouts from the December 2012 Action Forum: Connected to Lead are available.

Presentation materials and handouts from the January 2012 Action Forum: Leading with Focus are available.

  • Teacher-Based Teams in Action
    • Chesapeake Elementary School (PPT)
    • Groveport Madison Middle School (PDF)
  • Transitioning to the Common Core State Standards (PPT)
    • Vertical Progression Guide - English Language Arts Example (PDF)
  • Support for Embracing Formative Instructional Practices
    • FIP Your School Overview (PPT)
  • Teacher Value-Added Reports (PPTX)

2010 Action Forum

  • Chesapeake Union Exempted Village School District Presentation [ PDF ]
  • Mechanicsburg Exempted Village School District Presentation [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - Assessment Timeline [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - Benchmark Assessment Checkpoints [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - Data Teams Implementation Audit [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - DLT Agenda [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - Inclusion Rubric [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - Module Reflection Questions [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - PLC Implementation Audit [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - Reading Workshop Rubric [ PDF ]
    • Mechanicsburg - SCA Implementation Audit [ PDF ]
  • OCALI / State Support Team Region 5 Presentation [ PDF ]
  • Sebring Local School District/Mahoning County ESC Presentation [ PDF ]
    • Mahoning Co ESC-Sebring LSD - Data and Standards [ PDF ]
  • State Support Team Region 6 Presentation [ PDF ]
  • The Leadership and Learning Center Presentation [ PDF ]
    • The Leadership and Learning Center - Burning Questions [ PDF ]