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Board Development and Governance Process

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Effective boards work extremely well with the superintendent and district leadership teams (Alsbury & Gore, 2015). This module describes the characteristics of effective boards of education as well as the board leadership practices that support student achievement. Topics include the important role effective boards of education have in the following domains:

  • setting a district vision;
  • using data to set goals, establish accountability, and monitor progress;
  • engaging the community in supporting district goals;
  • developing policies focused on student learning; and
  • committing time, energy, and resources to district improvement efforts.

Videos embedded within the module highlight Ohio superintendents and board members as they discuss and reflect on the leadership practices within their districts. School boards can use their governance role in critical ways to support student learning (Alsbury & Gore, 2015; Campbell & Fullan, 2019), and this ongoing effort is why OLAC provides this module. The focus here is on supporting student learning. In that light, it’s important to note that across the nation relatively few boards do focus their efforts on student learning and achievement (Alsbury & Gore, 2015).

This module aligns with Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework (OLAC, 2013):

  • Area 6 Board Development and Governance Process

Receiving Credit for this Module

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council offers educators credit and contact hours for OLAC work. Teachers, principals, and superintendents who are working toward license renewal can receive university credit for completing OLAC modules from a number of Ohio universities. Pre-approval is required. For estimated contact hours for credit or to learn more about receiving credit for OLAC work, visit the Credit Corner.

This module features videos, pre- and post-assesments, and questions for discussion.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Updated: May 6, 2020