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Transforming Education - Ohio's Leadership Development Framework - Preview

Transforming Education - Ohio's Leadership Development Framework

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Ohio’s Leadership Framework is the focal point of the module. Topics include the changes that must be made to ensure that all students have universal access to quality education. The relationship between student learning results and adult practices are examined with an emphasis on effective leadership practices.

This module aligns with all areas of Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework

Receiving Credit for this Module

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council offers educators credit and contact hours for OLAC work. Teachers, principals, and superintendents who are working toward license renewal can receive university credit for completing OLAC modules from a number of Ohio universities. Pre-approval is required. For estimated contact hours for credit or to learn more about receiving credit for OLAC work, visit the Credit Corner.

This module features videos, pre- and post-assesments, and questions for discussion.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Updated: February 6, 2013