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OIP Stage 3 for District (DLT)/Community Leadership Teams (CSLT): Implementation and Monitoring

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This module focuses on effectively implementing, monitoring and supporting the district's OIP focused action plan, Building Leadership Teams (BLTs) and Teacher Based Teams (TBTs). Critical district-level work such as curriculum alignment, improving instructional practices, and development and implementation of a district-wide assessment system will also be highlighted. Monitoring of adult practices and student growth and/or performance across the district, as well as ensuring high quality professional development (HQPD) and fidelity at all levels, are also included.

Receiving Credit for this Module

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council offers educators credit and contact hours for OLAC work. Teachers, principals, and superintendents who are working toward license renewal can receive university credit for completing OLAC modules from a number of Ohio universities. Pre-approval is required. For estimated contact hours for credit or to learn more about receiving credit for OLAC work, visit the Credit Corner.

This module features videos, pre- and post-assesments, and questions for discussion.

Estimated Time to Complete: 3 hours