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OIP Reboot: Resetting Ohio's Foundation for Improved Student and Adult Learning

Originally designed in 2007 as Ohio’s framework for supporting district-wide continuous improvement, the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is undergoing revision (what might be called a “reboot”) to make refinements in core processes and resources. The reboot will improve the usability of the OIP as a strategy for supporting district-wide implementation of evidence-based practices that improve teaching and learning for all children.

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Coaching as an Essential Component of Professional Learning:

Educator Perspectives on What Matters Most

It’s commonly understood that coaching is an important component of effective professional development (PD); however, the expanded use of coaching as part of PD programs is a fairly recent phenomenon, beginning with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2002 and reinforced, soon after, in the 2004 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA).

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Serving as a Catalyst for Innovation and Improvement: SST Region 8 Supports District Capacity Building to Improve Learning for All Students

One of 16 state support teams (SSTs) comprising the foundation of Ohio's statewide system of support, SST region 8 supports approximately 35 school districts and 20 community schools in Medina, Portage, and Summit Counties, as well as career centers, county boards of developmental disabilities, and partner educational service centers (ESCs). The mission of SST 8 is to help educators develop efficient and effective systems and processes, and use research-based instructional practices in order to close achievement gaps and improve learning for all students, including students with disabilities and other marginalized groups of learners.

SST 8 is comprised of 15 staff members, 13 of which are working directly with districts. Dr. Jenine Sansosti, now in her fourth year as SST region 8 director, includes herself among the 13 consultants supporting districts to improve learning and outcomes for all children. The work of the consultants is organized around topic-based teams (e.g., special education team, school improvement team, etc.) aligned with specific areas of the state-developed performance agreement, which delineates the services to be provided by all SSTs.

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A Winning Partnership: SST Region 14 and Area ESCs Work Together to Support Educator and Student Success

State Support Team (SST) region 14 serves 18 school districts, other educational agencies, and families in the rural five-county region of Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette, and Highland counties. One of 16 SSTs in Ohio, SST 14 strives to provide the highest quality educational services and resources with the goal of helping all students to succeed in school and in the community.

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