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Advanced learners, because they are typically more intellectually engaged, experience emotional life, on average, more forcefully than other students (Assouline et al., 2015; Coleman, 2015). Like any student, advanced learners may encounter social and emotional challenges related to mental health, trauma, and substance use. While research suggests they do not appear to experience these challenges more or less frequently, their intellectual engagement likely means they experience social and emotional challenges somewhat differently from other students (Cassady and Cross, 2006). In addition, when they lack academic arrangements at school to support the development of their talents, this can add to the social and emotional challenges they experience.

This Foundational Concept considers the social and emotional ramifications of asynchronous development, overexcitabilities, relationships with others, lack of access to appropriately challenging curriculum, perfectionism, underachievement, twice exceptionality, stigmatization, racism, and sexism. These topics are relevant to the attempt of advanced learners to survive schooling that may not be ready for them (Coleman, 2015).

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Social and Emotional Needs of Advanced Learners Project

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