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A Written Education Plan (WEP) is a document that outlines the goals of service for students who are gifted. It may include both academic and affective goals. The plan also must specify for parents the timeline and methods for reporting student progress toward these goals. Each student who is receiving gifted services must have a Written Education Plan. Districts must develop the Written Education Plan in collaboration with an educator who has a license or endorsement in gifted education. In addition to providing a copy of the Written Education Plan to parents, districts must make a reasonable attempt to obtain a parent’s or guardian’s signature on the Written Education Plan.

The WEP is analogous to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) that districts develop for students who are identified as having a disability and eligible for special education services. Although the main idea behind the WEP is similar to the main idea behind the IEP, the two differ.

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Developing a Written Educational Plan Project

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