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Ohio 5-Step Process

Step 5: Collect, Chart, And Analyze Post Data

At Step 5, following team implementation of the agreed-on strategies, TBT members will do a post-assessment to determine student progress. The team will consider whether such strategies were fully or partially implemented, or not implemented at all, with the understanding that a high level of implementation (i.e., about 90%) is needed for improvements to be made.

The needs of individual students will be discussed, and their level of progress determined using pre- and post-test data. Team members can then identify successes and challenges, and develop recommendations for either continuing to implement the strategy, making adaptations to it, or eliminating it in favor of an alternate approach. In analyzing post-assessment data, team members can also identify classrooms where student progress occurred to greater and lesser degrees, and investigate potential causes for such differences and implications for the continuing work of the team.

For DLTs and BLTs, step 5 will involve an assessment of the degree to which agreed-on strategies—specific to the district and building improvement plans—are being implemented consistently across classrooms within the school (for BLTs), or across schools within the district (for DLTs). DLTs and BLTs will review data collected from TBTs and determine whether strategies and actions should be continued, continued with modification, or discontinued, and what support (e.g., PD, coaching) particular schools or teacher teams might need.

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