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Ohio 5-Step Process

Step 4: Implement Changes Consistently Across All Classrooms

Following the decision-making process used at Step 3, each team member agrees to consistently implement the instructional strategies chosen and prioritized by the team. Members commit to using these strategies in every classroom within a predetermined time line that specifies how frequently the strategy will be used, as well as how much time will be spent during each session in which a strategy is implemented.

At Step 4, TBT members might visit each other's classrooms, learning from each other and working toward greater consistency and quality of implementation. At the same time, BLT members visit classrooms to identify exemplars that can be used to support ongoing and targeted professional development (PD) to all team members. PD should be job-embedded and focused on helping teachers learn how to implement specific strategies; and it might involve coaching delivered by team members, consultants, or other colleagues.

Monitoring will take place across teams in the district to evaluate fidelity of implementation and eventual effects of using the designated strategies. This monitoring will include observation (e.g., walkthroughs, learning rounds, implementation audits) and the review of relevant data to support selection and delivery of PD that promotes consistent, high-level implementation and ongoing learning across the district.