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Ohio 5-Step Process

Step 2: Analyze Student Work Specific To The Data

At Step 2, TBT members analyze assessment questions by identifying strengths (e.g., by identifying the three questions with the greatest number of correct responses in each teacher's class), identifying challenges (e.g., the three questions with the least number of correct responses in each teacher’s class), and prioritizing student needs across four levels: advanced, benchmarked, targeted, and intensive.

The assessment questions used should be formative; that is, they should provide insight into students' thinking processes, including why they chose a specific answer. The analysis of strengths and weaknesses includes identifying patterns related to common errors, misconceptions about concepts or skills, urgent needs, and trends in student responses, including patterns related to subgroups of students. Following this review, team members prioritize needs to be addressed at Steps 3 and 4 of the Ohio 5-Step Process.