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2021 Keynotes

Dr. Douglas Reeves

Dr. Douglas Reeves

Founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

Fearless Schools: Building Trust and Resilience for Learning, Teaching, and Leading

With the fear and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the economic impact that follows, teachers, leaders, students, and parents need fearless schools. At the core of fearless schools is psychological safety. In this interactive keynote presentation, Dr. Reeves explains how leaders and teachers build and maintain trust and psychological safety, and how sometimes these ideals are inadvertently destroyed. Come prepared to engage in a rich discussion and reflection based on a large body of 21st century evidence. Special emphasis is paid to resilience—bouncing back from physical, emotional, and psychic injury.

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Anthony Coy-Gonzalez

Anthony Coy-Gonzalez

2021 Ohio Teacher of the Year & Teacher, Ohio School for the Deaf

Reimagining Education for All: Anything is Possible

This year, we have grieved losses in many forms. The loss of normal, however, was one that the field of education desperately needed. Our students today do not fit into “norms,” but need to be embraced by an inclusive education that breaks through inequities they face. Stories from the classroom, community partnerships, and beyond will help inspire and challenge us to reimagine what is possible for each unique child and the field of education. Anything is possible. Get ready to dream of how an education for all might look.

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