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3 Things You Don't Want to Miss at the 2019 OLAC Action Forum

Better Together

On December 10, the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council will host its annual Action Forum at the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University.

This annual professional learning event is designed to create an environment to network, collaborate, and encourage shared leadership at every level of the school system.

Here are three things you don’t want to miss!

  1. Our Keynote Speaker, Douglas Reeves, Ph.D., will present Equity and Excellence Now: How Collaborative Teams Transform Learning. In this interactive keynote, Dr. Reeves will share the latest research from Ohio and around the world on how schools are achieving the twin goals of equity and excellence. “Equity without excellence fails to meet the needs of students most in need, and excellence without equity lacks the moral foundation on which all schools must operate. With practical insights from urban, suburban, and rural districts, this presentation helps participants apply the lessons of research to their individual student needs.

  2. Also presenting a breakout, Dr. Reeves will present: From Looking at Data to Acting on Data: Lessons for District, Building and Teacher teams. In this interactive breakouts session, Dr. Reeves shares lessons learned from effective district leadership teams, building leadership teams, and teacher-based teams. In observing hundreds of teams in Ohio and around the world, the sticking point for many is that the teams are so focused on analyzing data that they don’t move to specific action for teachers and leaders. Teachers want practical insights about engagement, performance improvement, classroom climate, and improved student performance. Building and district leaders also need to transform data into actions, including allocation of time and resources to respond to student needs.

  3. Returning speaker Dr. Brian McNulty is no stranger to Ohio and the work of OLAC. Presenting both a luncheon and breakout session, Dr. McNulty will share:

    • The OIP-Reboot and teacher learning: This luncheon session will review the OIP Re-boot in relation to teacher learning. The session will describe the new 5-step process as a collaborative inquiry process. It will also present more detail on the importance of teacher teams and the work that they should be doing

    • Going deeper into the research and practices: This breakout session will be focused on deepening participants understanding of the content presented in the luncheon session. Although it will include some presentation, the format will be focused on responding to questions generated by the general session.

Whether you’ve attended in the past or you’re thinking about attending for the first time, you don’t want to miss this affordable professional learning event. Mark your calendar for December 10 and bring a team of colleagues or yourself and take advantage of an event designed to create an environment to network, collaborate, and encourage shared leadership at every level of the school system.

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