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Back to School 2019

Newly Released Module! Higher Education: Instructional Guide to Using OLAC and Moving Your Numbers Resources in Educator Preparation Courses

Ohio's colleges and universities play a critical role in equipping undergraduate and graduate students (often called “candidates”) with the knowledge and skills essential for performing jobs as teachers and educational leaders. This module assists the higher education faculty who work with candidates in teacher and administrator preparation programs by showing them how to incorporate resources from the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) and the Moving Your Numbers (MYN) project in the courses and field experiences that comprise educator preparation curricula.

The grounding ideas that inform this newly released module come from Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework. The practices included in the framework reflect two primary principles:

  • All educators have the capacity to lead.
  • Essential leadership practices must be implemented at all levels to make and sustain improvements in student, adult, and organizational learning.

The framework promotes the use of collaborative structures—leadership teams to which all educators contribute: District Leadership Teams (DLTs), Building Leadership Teams (BLTs), and Teacher-based Teams (TBTs). These teams share authority over and responsibility for improving educational practices (e.g., instructional strategies, distributed leadership) and thereby improving student learning. Infusing Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework as well as OLAC and MYN resources into educator preparation programs provides candidates with knowledge and skills needed for work on Ohio’s educational leadership teams.

This module considers:

  • Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework;
  • The relevance of the Ohio Improvement Process to prospective educators;
  • The alignment between OLAC resources and foundational (Transfer Assurance Guide—TAG) courses in teacher education curricula; and
  • Various ways to use OLAC and Moving Your Numbers resources to augment courses in programs for teacher and administrator preparation

Explore Higher Education: instructional guide to using OLAC and moving your numbers resources in educator preparation courses

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