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Resources to Support Districts' Use of the Ohio Improvement Process

“When viewed as an organizational strategy, rather than an exercise in compliance, the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) gives districts a template through which focused and intentional action can take place. It brings educators together through collaborative team structures to learn from each other, and it facilitates communication and decision-making between and across levels of the system (district, central office, school, grade levels, content areas, classrooms). The team structures at the core of the OIP form peer-to-peer networks, giving more people a voice and allowing for the inclusion of multiple perspectives in guiding each district’s journey toward organizational learning and continuous improvement.”

Source: Ohio Department of Education

To support districts' efforts with the Ohio Improvement Process, the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) has updated two webinars, Being an Instructional Leader and All Stages of the OIP and Integrating Ohio's Work into a Comprehensive Improvement Process using the OIP. Both webinars have been updated to include the revised 5-step process and alignment with the Ohio Department of Education's strategic plan, Every Child, Our Future. The webinars also include the latest research regarding teams, leadership, and school improvement.

Being an Instructional Leader and All Stages of the OIP

This webinar explores the rationale, research, and need for instructional leadership. Dr. Brian McNulty makes recommendations for specific actions on the part of superintendents, principals, and central office staff to create and sustain an atmosphere of shared leadership. The purposes and responsibilities of Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs), Building-Level Teams (BLTs), and District-Level Teams (DLTs) are highlighted. Watch now.

Integrating Ohio’s Work into a Comprehensive Improvement Process using the OIP

In this webinar, Dr. Brian McNulty discusses the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) as an organizational strategy that improves outcomes for all learners in the school, including adult learners. Using the latest research on school improvement, the roles and responsibilities of Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs), Building-Level Teams (BLT’s), and District-Level Teams (DLTs) are presented along with strategies that help ensure that these teams are effective. The OIP is not about compliance—it’s about learning together as a team. Watch now.

One District’s Commitment to the Ohio Improvement Process

Ever wonder how a district has maintained the Ohio Improvement Process over time? Check out this guest blog from earlier this year from OLAC friend and partner, Dr Michael Tefs, superintendent at Wooster City School District. In this blog, he shares his 10-yr perspective on the OIP, OLAC’s resources, and impact at Wooster City. Read blog.

New Resources Coming Soon

OLAC will launch several new resources later this summer, including:

  • Updated modules on higher ed, resource management, and community and family engagement,
  • New podcast episodes on The Work and Rewards of Sustained TBT Commitment and Advice from Principals to Principals: Making Instructional Leadership Successful, and
  • A new workshop, Diversity, Learning Supports, & Social Emotional Learning, this workshop is designed to help educators use OLAC resources and the Ohio Improvement Process to provide an equitable, inclusive, responsive, and high-quality education for all learners. This workshop can be presented face-to-face, via Google Classroom or on other learning management systems or on a video conferencing platform. A PDF version will also be available. The workshop is divided into six sections for a total of 45 contact hours. Facilitators choose the content that is relevant to the needs of faculty and staff in their district.

Don’t forget that you can download certificates of completion from all OLAC modules and webinars to use for continuing education credits with your LPDC. Learn more.