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Ideas for Summer Professional Learning (2019)

Looking for research-based professional learning resources for yourself or your team? Summer is the perfect time to invest in professional learning. And there's no better way to grow your leadership capacity than with free resources!

For more than 10 years, the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) has been creating and offering a variety of free leadership resources for administrators, teachers, and teams. Personalize your professional learning experience by searching for specific topics of interest to you or your staff. Start or continue your professional learning journey this summer by checking out OLAC’s:

OLAC also will launch several resources later in June, including:

  • Updated webinars on being an instructional leader in all stages of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and integrating Ohio’s work into a comprehensive improvement process using the OIP,
  • Updated modules on higher ed, resource management, and community and family engagement,
  • A new podcast episode on teacher-based teams, and
  • A new workshop, Diversity, Learning Supports, & Social Emotional Learning
    This workshop is designed to help educators use OLAC resources and the Ohio Improvement Process to provide an equitable, inclusive, responsive, and high-quality education for all learners. This workshop can be presented face-to-face, via Google Classroom or on other learning management systems or on a video conferencing platform. A PDF version will also be available. The workshop is divided into six sections for a total of 45 contact hours. Facilitators choose the content that is relevant to the needs of faculty and staff in their district.

Need Credit?

Don't forget that you can download certificates of completion from all OLAC modules and webinars to use for continuing education credits with your LPDC.

Here’s to a wonderful summer of learning and relaxation!

What People Have to Say About Using OLAC Resources

"For those who haven’t used the OLAC resources, I would tell educators and leaders that the resources cover a wide range of content and formats for learning—from online modules to videos and podcast episodes. I can’t stress enough the high-quality information from leaders locally and nationally. The OLAC website is a one-stop-shop for leadership and educators."
Mark Burke, Bucyrus City Schools

"For me, when I’m looking for professional learning resources, it’s important to know that the content is grounded in research. With the OLAC resources, there was instant credibility when I saw the research behind their work. I also like that many of the OLAC resources feature teams in action and you can hear and learn from different perspectives. Seeing other Ohio professionals in these resources also creates buy-in from my staff when they can see other Ohio professionals who are doing similar work."
Matt Henderson, Bucyrus City Schools