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Explore Ways to Earn Credit and Contact Hours Using OLAC Resources

“The nice thing about OLAC, it's all right there for you. You can access it. You have videos to watch, testimonies to read, and examples. You have people you can contact. And you can also earn credit while you do it, which is very important. Using OLAC resources has become part of the fabric of how we renew our license.”

John Maynard, Principal, Ironton Elementary

Are you an Ohio teacher, principal, or superintendent working toward license renewal? Or do you have staff members interested in earning credit? If so, did you know that you can earn university credit from Ashland University and Bowling Green State University by completing OLAC modules?

OLAC has partnered with the Ohio Department of Education to create a template that can help participants integrate the OLAC modules into their individual professional development plan (IPDP) to be approved by the Regional Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC). Educators can use this template to indicate how they will use the OLAC online learning modules and tools to participate in high-quality professional development and meet professional development goals.

What’s it Worth?

OLAC provides LPDCs with the following rubric for awarding contact hours:

Please Note: The LPDC must approve the work before the work is completed. To get approval, participants should Download the IPDP Approval Form (DOCX) and send the completed form to their LPDC for approval.