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New Professional Learning Resources from the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council

Coaching Module

OLAC’s newest module, Coaching, explores coaching as a method to increase the collective capacity of faculty and staff to better meet the needs of all learners. Several models of coaching are used in Ohio schools. The various coaching models are highlighted, with an emphasis on the skills that cut across the identified coaching approaches. The content of this module is designed for leaders, regardless of position, who are facilitating school improvement efforts in schools, districts and on a regional level. Explore the following topics:

  • Research evidence relating to coaching
  • Coaching as a part of a larger professional development framework
  • Coaching models currently in use
  • Coaching macro and micro practices
  • Coaching skills across all models
  • Coaching and the Ohio Improvement Process
  • Educators’ perspectives on coaching

Learning About Coaching from Ohio Leaders Podcast

OLAC’s Lead the Way podcast series features various ideas and insights for education leaders to use to enhance their own instructional and leadership practices, and those of the teams they serve. The latest podcast, Learning About Coaching from Ohio Leaders, focuses on ways that coaching benefits individuals and teams. Learn more about how coaching augments professional development programs, such as OLI4 and the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP). Listen now.

Newly Updated Gifted Education Professional Development Series

OLAC recently updated and added new courses to its gifted education professional development series. Designed to prepare general education teachers to work with identified gifted students and other advanced learners, the resources in this series are free and can help educators meet their required hours. The resources were developed in collaboration with the Gifted Advisory Council and the Ohio Department of Education, with contributions from national experts. Explore now.

Teaching Cases

Designed to help educator candidates and practicing educators learn about educational improvement strategies, teaching cases are grounded in rigorous case-study research and provide a connection between theory and practice in the analysis of real-world problems. OLAC’s teaching cases detail actual improvement challenges and improvement initiatives, and provide descriptions of the district's context, performance record, and improvement trajectory. Teaching cases give participants opportunities for active exploration, teamwork, and open-ended consideration of ideas. Explore now.

To learn more about other topics, check out OLAC’s free leadership resources, including:

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Need Credit?

Don't forget that you can download certificates of completion from all OLAC modules and webinars to use for continuing education credits with your LPDC.