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Back to School 2018

New Module: Teams Using Data Wisely

Ohio schools and districts have a nested structure of collaborative leadership teams: from Teacher-based Teams (TBTs) to Building Leadership Teams (BLTs) to District Leadership Teams (DLTs). The teams lead a long-term mission to improve student learning statewide: with every educator, every school, and every district in the state. In these teams, wise data use is a collaborative activity.

Ohio's leadership teams rise to address this mission by using data wisely. That's what this module is about. The mission to improve instruction cannot end; it cannot be accomplished and forgotten. The mission is continuous. Why? Society changes. What educators need to teach changes. Indeed, everything that we call "education" is in flux. Leadership teams make sense of the flux in view of data about what is happening locally.

This module drills down to issues of handling data in Ohio's collaborative learning teams. It will help teams and team members:

  • Take ownership of data and decision making based on data;
  • Ask and answer good questions with data;
  • Use their data to draw reasonable inferences about their students; and
  • Use their inferences to make wise decisions about their students.

This module aligns with Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework in the following areas:

  • Area 1 Data and the Decision-Making Process
  • Area 2 Focused Goal Setting Process
  • Area 3 Instruction and the Learning Process
  • Area 4 Resource Management Process

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