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Questions And Answers About OLAC's Resources to Support Ohio Revised Gifted Operating Standards

Guest Blog: Dr. Aimee Howley, Professor Emeritus, Ohio University

In December, the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) launched a series of new professional learning resources that satisfy the 30-hour, year one requirement for teachers working with gifted students in the regular classroom. These resources address the purposes and objectives specified in the Ohio Department of Education, Gifted Education Professional Development Resource Guide (2017).

The content was created by nationally-known experts in the field. Participants will have access to up-to-date, relevant content and will complete job embedded assignments that will enhance their knowledge base. The standards require 30 hours of professional development for year one and an additional 30 hours for year two. Year one professional learning resources are available under the Resources for Educators tab. The year two program will be post this coming April.

A sponsoring district must identify a person to facilitate the professional learning. Facilitators must be licensed in the area of gifted education. The resources are designed to be flexible, giving districts the opportunity to tailor the training to meet district requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a district have to submit the name of the district facilitator to OLAC?

A. No. However, districts are responsible for keeping facilitator information on file in the district in case the Ohio Department of Education would request the information.

Q. Is it possible for a facilitator to set the resources up completely online and self-paced using an online learning management system?

A. Yes. Districts have the flexibility to set up the resources in a manner that they find productive. The resources can be completely online or districts can require in-person discussions throughout.

Q. Our teachers have already completed some in-house training before we knew about the OLAC resources. Can we use a portion of OLAC's year one resources since our teachers have already met some of the requirements?

A. Yes. Districts can use all or some of the OLAC resources. It is up to the district to see that the objectives specified in the Ohio Department of Education, Gifted Education Professional Development Resource Guide (2017) have been met. Districts are required to keep record of the training requirements that each teacher has met.

Q. When a teacher completes a module, does he/she need to apply for a module certificate? If so, how long does it take before the certificate is delivered? Is the certificate digital?

A. That is up to the district. Districts can require that module certificates are submitted to the district facilitator or districts may not have the requirement. Certificates are delivered electronically after the work is completed.

Q. We have a university that would like to offer college credit to participants completing this work. Can we offer college credit?

A. Yes. It is up to the district to work out details with the college or university of choice.

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