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Newly Updated Instruction Module Now Available and More Modules to Come

Summer is the perfect time to invest in professional learning. And there's no better way to grow your leadership capacity than with free resources created by national experts and practitioners!

At the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC), we're proud to offer more than 20 online learning modules on a variety of topics, allowing educators at all levels to experience anytime, anywhere professional learning. Every year, approximately one-third of these learning modules are updated. This process ensures that the research is current and the information and tools within the modules better meet the needs of those doing the work.

The recently updated Instruction Module includes new videos and tools, along with detailed information around foundational concepts and links to go deeper into selected topics, including:

  • What is effective instruction?
  • Ways to determine which instructional practices are effective with your students.
  • The emerging trends in the area of effective instruction.
  • How to plan and design engaging lessons and units.
  • How to identify effective teaching strategies.
  • Classroom practices that support opportunities to learn for ALL students.

Coming Later This Summer

The Assessment Module is the next module being updated, which will be posted in July, followed by the Curriculum Module, which will be posted in early August.

Credit Corner

Don't forget that you can download certificates of completion from all OLAC modules and webinars to use for continuing education credits with your LPDC.

Looking for Other Professional Learning Resources?

OLAC offers a variety of free leadership resources for administrators, teachers, and teams, including online modules, webinars, and a video library. Personalize your professional learning experience by searching for specific topics of interest to you or your staff. Start or continue your professional learning journey by checking out OLAC's: