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Leading and Learning by Example (2017)

"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach." – Albert Einstein

Building off of Einstein's philosophy of learning by example, the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council launched its Real Leaders, Real Results Campaign earlier this year to showcase how Ohio educators are using OLAC tools to impact teaching and learning.

These stories feature Ohio superintendents, principals, teachers, and other education leaders and examples of how they are incorporating OLAC tools and resources into their leadership and instructional practices, and working with colleagues to improve learning opportunities for students. Read more about their work and success:

Looking for specific professional learning resources?

In addition to these stories and examples, OLAC offers a variety of free leadership resources, including online modules, webinars, and a video library. Personalize your professional learning experience by searching for specific topics of interest to you or your staff. Start or continue your professional learning journey by checking out OLAC’s:

Don’t forget that you can download certificates of completion from all OLAC modules and webinars to use for continuing education credits with your LPDC.

Want to share your experience using OLAC tools?

If you have experienced results using OLAC tools and would like to be featured in an upcoming story, please contact Jim Gay.