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Voices from the Field

We've been working this fall to gather "voices from the field" and talk to educators across the state who are using OLAC tools in innovative ways to achieve real results.

We are excited to begin sharing these stories. We recently launched a new "OLAC Success Stories" page on our website highlighting the first stories of the series:

As our library of success stories continues to grow, we'll be sharing these out on our website and on Twitter. We're also looking forward to hearing many innovative success stories at the upcoming OLAC Action Forum on Dec. 13.

In the meantime, if you have experienced results using OLAC tools and would like to be featured, please contact OLAC co-directors Jim Gay and Don Washburn.

New Webinar Available

Looking for support for your building-level team (BLT)? Our new webinar on "The Critical Role of the BLT" clarifies the important role and purpose of these teams, and provides insights about inclusive leadership practices and how to get the most out of these teams in the school improvement process. The webinar and supplemental materials can be found on the OLAC website here.