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New Online Learning Module on Effective Leadership

At OLAC, we've always emphasized that leadership is a set of essential practices that must be implemented by ALL adults across the education system, regardless of role, to realize the collective goal of improved student, adult, and organizational learning. That's why we're so excited to launch a new module on Leadership.

Until recently, educators were unsure of which specific leadership practices had the greatest impact on teaching and learning, but an emerging body of research now reveals what those practices are (Leithwood & Louis, 2012; Robinson, 2011). The Leadership module will detail these practices and set you on a path towards effective leadership in your school or district.

While this module may be most relevant to district or school administrators (e.g., superintendents, central office administrators, principals, etc.), the concepts covered in the module are applicable to all educators.

In this new module on Leadership, you will find information on:

  • Various leadership theories that have shaped our present understanding regarding effective leadership;
  • Types of leadership approaches that result in improved student outcomes, with an emphasis on leadership practices that have the greatest impact on student learning; and
  • The role of central office personnel in supporting the work, along with a focus on the practices that principals can use to build the capacity of faculty and staff.

Log into the Online Learning Dashboard and click the "Complete OLAC Module List" to find the Leadership module.