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OLAC Launches Two NEW Webinars

OLAC recently launched two new Webinars facilitated by Brian McNulty: Moving the Work Forward through OPES and Moving the Work Forward through OTES.

Moving the Work Forward through OPESfocuses on the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES) and how the standards for principal evaluation relate to the work of teacher based teams (TBTs) and building leadership teams (BLTs). Moving the Work Forward through OPES addresses the OPES standards, the latest research regarding effective leadership practices at the building level, and gives principals practical tips for improving the effective operation of TBTs to improve student achievement.

Moving the Work Forward through OTES focuses on the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and how work in teacher based teams (TBTs) can satisfy the requirements of the new evaluation system, while increasing the collective ability of staff to increase student achievement. Learn the purpose of teacher evaluation, what research says about the impact of evaluation on accountability and student achievement, and the most effective method to improve outcomes for students.

To view the webinars or to learn more, visit