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Leading Edge Blog

Welcome to the New OLAC Blog!

As a former superintendent, I know the value of leadership in schools. The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council' (OLAC) goal is to provide educators - no matter their role - with the structures and resources they need to develop effective leadership skills.

As the OLAC project director, I am committed to ensuring OLAC resources are high-quality and helpful to educators dedicated to developing leadership skills that positively impact Ohio' students. I am confident that our online learning modules and resources can help you improve your practice.

Our goal is to turn this blog into a place where you can learn more about OLAC' essential leadership practices, stay up-to-date on what tools are available to you, and most importantly, learn from each other. In addition to posts from me, this blog may contain entries from guest bloggers, including members of our Executive Core, OIP Facilitators, and educators using OLAC resources in their schools and classrooms.

Hopefully, these different perspectives will help us all to learn and grow. At the end of the day, we all share a common mission: making sure that all students are prepared for future success.

Leave a comment below about what content you would like to see featured on the blog. We're looking forward to connecting with you!

Jim Gay

Project Director, Ohio Leadership Advisory Council